The Basics

Who is Rebecca?

I am a 40-something, never married Christian girl.  I have lived my whole life in the Southeastern part of the U. S., and I have worked in the legal field for half of my life.

Some of my favorite things are books, football, my family and friends, Garfield and Snoopy cartoons, learning new things, and sitting in my backyard while watching the birds and the clouds.

What is Rebecca's Reflections?

I'm an introvert who finds it the easiest to express myself through writing. Writing about my struggles, my successes and lessons I learn in life helps me both mentally and spiritually. 
As a quiet girl, it's not my natural inclination to be transparent, but I believe I'm not the only feeling the emotions I experience or facing the obstacles that I am. So, it's my hope you find something here at Rebecca's Reflections that will help you and encourage you.

Check out some of these post to get an idea what Rebecca's Reflections is all about:

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Thanks for visiting Rebecca's Reflections! :)

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