Sunday, April 21, 2013

I'm #Blessed

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It's been a stressful week! 

Last Sunday morning severe thunderstorms came through our community, and as a result of a close lightening strike, several electrical repairs had to be made this week. But the blessings in that are:
  1. Even though it was very close, the lightening did not directly hit my house.
  2. Overall very little damage was done (a part to the water heater, a part to the air conditioning unit, parts to the TV satellite, and DVD players).
  3. The repairs to the TV satellite were covered under our plan.
  4. The remainder of the repairs and replacements are covered by a surge protection program offered by the electric company.
  5. Friends and repairmen, who came to the house, multiple times throughout the week to make repairs and complete the necessary claims forms.
Sunday night my stepdad went the emergency room with stomach pains. And the blessings are:
  1. The diagnosis was food poisoning. While that is bad, it could have been something more serious.
  2. The time spent in the ER was only 2 hours.
  3. By late Monday afternoon my stepdad was feeling back to normal.
On Monday a high school friend, who is a nurse, was at the Boston Marathon finish line working in one of the medical tents as a volunteer. The blessing is:
  1. My friend was uninjured from the explosions.
Wednesday afternoon my stepdad was in an automobile accident, but the blessings abound in this stressful event.
  1. Despite an impact at a high rate speed on the interstate, my stepdad has only bruises and cuts.
  2. The air bags worked, and I'm sure, prevented more serious injuries.
  3. A deputy sheriff witnessed the entire accident and can state that the accident was not my stepdad's fault.
  4. My stepdad was able to get a ride with the tow truck driver back to our city, approximately 35 miles away from the accident scene.
  5. My stepdad already had an appointment with his primary care physician the following day for a check up so he was able to get his injuries checked quickly.
Looking back, last week was action packed, but it was also packed with many blessings and the ones listed above are only a small fraction of how God blessed me and my family last week.

Don't let the stressful times in your life prevent you from seeing God's caring and compassionate hands working in your life.

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  1. Hi Rebecca, It is wonderful that you are counting your blessings and thanking God for His care. I just missed a six car pile up this past week and I was so thankful!




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