Thursday, December 20, 2012

Where Is Safe?

the baby in the arms of father shot
Photo Credit: rocketjim54 (Creative Commons)

This morning I had a scary drive to work, as a cold front moved through causing the wind to blow fiercely.  As the traffic lights swayed wildly and the top of a pine tree was snapped off, I thought "If I can just get to the office and get inside, then I'll be safe".  But then I realized that's not necessarily true. A building doesn't guarantee me automatic safety.

Later in the morning, I learned that the elementary school that I attended as a child had been placed on lockdown because a suspicious person was in the area.  I was immediately saddened because things like that shouldn't happen in my quaint, little hometown.  It's always been a safe haven for me and so many others.  Fortunately, the suspicious person was apprehended without anyone getting injured, but to see the potential of evil touching my idyllic hometown brought me to tears.

Events, such as these in addition to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, has made me all too aware that we live in an unsafe world.  There's evil all around us.

We may take measures to ensure our safety, such as putting our seat belts on, locking our homes, installing fire detectors, but there is no foolproof method or system to stop bad things from happening to us.

So where is it safe?

I believe the safest place anyone can be is in the hands of God. That's where I was during my morning commute -- safe in His hands, even when my environment was saying something much different. 

When my feelings about my circumstances don't match with the truth of God's power and authority over all, the only solution for me is to trust God. Trusting Him, even if the worst case scenario touches my life that He's still got a hold of me, that He's not going to let go and that He'll see me through the dark and dangerous days that I face on this earth.

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  1. Rebecca, with all of the evil, danger, hurt, and brokenness this world offers, I'm so thankful that we have a powerful Light in the darkness... One who is worthy to place our complete trust. Thanks for this great post.
    I'm so glad you came by Mary @ Woman to Woman today!
    Blessing to you ~ Mary

    I'm now a follower!

  2. Very well said. In His hands great picture with it.




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