Saturday, November 17, 2012

Taking A Rest

Man and Bike at rest Photo Credit

I've been sick this week.  Nothing serious -- just the common cold that's annoying and makes me feel lousy.

Even though I got sick, I had ever intent of sticking with my exercise plan this week.  However, that didn't happen because I didn't have the extra energy to workout.
And you know what? I'm okay with missing this week's workouts. No guilt...yay!

In the past I would have got depressed over having my exercise plan derailed, but I'm realizing that my quest to get healthy is really a desire to take care of myself so I can be at my best. And sometimes taking care of me means resting.

Though being sick hasn't been fun, I have taken advantage of the opportunity to baby myself this week by getting extra sleep, taking all my vitamins and drinking lots of fluids. And now that I'm feeling better, I'm looking forward to being more active, as the holiday season begins!

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