Monday, November 12, 2012

1000 Gifts - 742 to 770

742.  Being renewed and refreshed by a good night's sleep and a good quiet time in the morning with the Lord 
743.  Fewer and less severe migraines
744.  Motivation to begin to exercise again
745.  Finding exercise videos online that push me to do more than I would on my own

746.  Prayers of my Twitter friends
747.  Getting an e-mail from a friend from high school checking to see how I am doing
748.  Getting my desk at the office cleaned off
749.  Opportunity to begin to blog again

751.  Motivation to exercise consistently
752.  Feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep
753.  Quiet times with the Lord that occur all throughout the day
754. God speaking to me in unlikely places and through unlikely circumstances
755.  For hearing God when He speaks to me

756.  Medicine that provides relief when I do have a migraine
757.  For how God uses painful moments to reveal a lesson to me that I need to learn
758.  Relaxing at home with my family
759.  Blankets on a cold morning
760.  Money to pay bills

761.  A pastor who is passionate about preaching the Word of God
762.  Grace for God and others when I forget to do things that I should
763.  How God uses my writing to speak to me and teach me
764.  Short commute to work
765.  Safety while driving when it is very foggy

766.  Rain
767.  Protection and shelter that my home provides
768.  Opportunity to vote 
769.  God establishes the leaders of our country
770.  God always acts in love and goodness

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