Monday, October 29, 2012

1000 Gifts - 720 to 741

3 gifts orange:
720.   Orange juice
721.   Carrots
722.   Cantaloupe

3 gifts funny:
723.   Sunday comics
724.   My niece being silly
725.   The hummingbirds in my backyard as the vie for a position on the birdfeeder

3 gifts from today's conversations:
726.   Opportunity to answer someone's questions
727.   Sharing details of my weekend with a co-worker
728.   Laughing with a friend

3 gifts found in Christ:
729.   Friendship with Jesus
730.   Reconciliation with God
731.   Hope for the future

A gift of peace:  a smile (#732)
A gift of hope:   a rainbow (#733)
A gift of love:    quality time with a loved one (#734)

Gifts of "ugly-beautiful": a sink full of dishes which means my family has been well fed and hydrated (#735), being stuck in traffic which means I have a car that's reliable transportation for me (#736), I know how to drive (#737) and I am able to drive myself where I need to go (#738)

3 gifts in what I read on Facebook:
739.   A friend's adult son being baptized
740.   A friend being released from the hospital after heart bypass surgery
741.   A friend's daughter reaching the milestone of 7 weeks old after the doctors didn't think she would survive delivery

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