Saturday, March 24, 2012

Embracing Loud

Cymbal Line
Photo Credit: Randy Robertson (Creative Commons)

Loud . . .my first reaction is to place my hands over my ears and run for solitude. 

I don't like loud. I have a quiet personality with a quiet voice. 

But if the whole world were quiet, it would be an odd place indeed. 

For with noises we have there is evidence of life's activities. For in the loudness of life we have an endless array of sounds -- music, laughter, birds singing, thunder, rain, a loved one's voice. 

While my inner being craves quiet and serenity, I'm thankful to God for two functioning ears that allows to hear all the wonderful noises on this earth. And I realize I need to embrace the gift of loudness in my life.


  1. Indeed there is so much to be grateful for! In both silence and in the noise of every day life! Patsy from

  2. I am a pretty quiet person, but I appreciate loud. It's true - this would be a rather boring place if everything were "quiet". Thanks for sharing this insight.

  3. Great post! Isn't it great the Creator has made us all different. I like the quieter side also, but I'm so thankful for the noises of nature and other joyful sounds.




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