Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Facing My Writer's Block

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I love to blog since I find it much easier to express myself in writing than verbally.  With public speaking (even in small groups) I struggle to find the right words to say.  When I'm writing that never happens.  The words flow abundantly.

But there's one thing that can cause my writing to sputter and falter.  It's when I begin to compare my work to others.  The mental comparison can happen so quickly before I realize what's happening, and my mind is flooded with thoughts of doubt and discouragement. If left unchecked, the words will become bottled within me to avoid the possible scrutiny of others.

This has happened recently. 

I know it's not fair to me to compare myself to anyone else. Jesus reminds me that I'm incomparable.

I realize that the negative thoughts are the lies of Satan. The enemy is attacking my weakness -- my need to please others, to fit in, to excel at whatever I do.

I also know that if I stop writing that the devil will win the battle.  He will have eliminated one way that I worship the Lord.

So with this knowledge and the strength of the Holy Spirit I will continue to write for as long as the Lord wants. I will share my words with you despite any fears and insecurities that I may have. Because even though my writing helps me in my spiritual walk, I don't believe God wants me to keep them to myself.

Do you share my struggle?  How do you handle the temptation to compare yourself to others?

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  1. oh, i cannot begin to tell you how this happens to me too. I feel a story in me rise. I read someone else's words, and feel my heart sink. keep speaking your truth...even if it only comes out in a whisper. All of our voices are needed for great song.

  2. I have to constantly be on guard. I have to take every thought captive. As I go to the blogs that link at SDG, it can be tempting to compare my words with theirs, but then I realize that in making these comparisons, I threaten to break down the community that I have tried so hard to build.

    And so, I receive their gift and try to leave one behind.

  3. This is such a common theme for all writers! I agree it can be easy to lose your voice and struggle if you're envious of someone else (also something I struggle with).

    When I wonder where I should go with a thought or am facing writer's block, I usually go back to some posts or writing of mine that I think really show who I am as a writer. I read through those and get in my own "mode" and that usually helps. Thanks for your thoughts here!

  4. Hi neighbor...this blogging thing has been a stretch for me...I am not a writer...almost did not get out of freshman english...so this is a stretch...one good thing...i pretty much know everyone is a better writer so the pressure is off...it is still hard for me to write...but as long as He has me here...here I will stay...
    comparison does kill...so hard not to do this in all areas of life...
    Blessings as you continue to write...to that audience of ONE!

  5. Hi Rebecca, Thanks for sharing so honestly this aspect of blogging/writing. I'd love to have you share this post on bless a Blogger here: http://biblelovenotes.blogspot.com/p/friday-blog-hop.html
    We're a new hop, but we'd love to have you participate.

  6. Hopping over from On Your Heart Tuesday: Ohhhhh yes! I totally relate to this!!! It's hard being a blogger and comparing your writing to someone else's, your style to someone else's....the way your blog looks to someone else's...photos, buttons, number of followers...oh - such a trap! Its hard to bear in mind that we are doing what God wants US to do...not what He wants THEM to do. :) Great post. Very inspiring and encouraging that we're not alone in this!

  7. Rebecca, Thanks for joining Bless a Blogger. I'm back for a visit to pray for your blog, your family and your writing ministry. May God continue to use your gifts for his glory. I ask for a special blessing on you this week. Bless you! Gail

  8. Oh, the negative thoughts. Yes, I experience this too. Thanks for writing about it.




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