Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Carnival Life

Photo Credit: Tulane Public Relations (Creative Commons)

The climax of Mardi Gras' excess and debauchery occurred today, and as a result, my local news programming was interrupted in order to provide non-stop coverage of Carnival. 

There was no time this morning for news of world and national events. No, it was a time to escape reality, don costumes and pretend to be someone else, and clamor after beads and baubles. 

But with all the Mardi Gras coverage I began to wonder how many live every day like it’s Mardi Gras by. . .

  • living only for today's enjoyment without any regard to the consequences of their actions
  • chasing after things and relationships that provide short-term amusement that will leave them feeling empty tomorrow
  • pretending to be someone they’re not by hiding behind a mask hoping others don't discover the truth
And maybe I was wondering all this because I have lived my life like it was a Carnival.  A Christian who was living only for the here and now with no regard for eternity because my focus was not on Jesus, but was on me. 

Being reminded of where I've been spiritually, makes me aware of my great need to go deeper in my spiritual walk with Jesus – not just on Sundays and not just for 15 minutes day during my quiet time – but every day, all day. 

With Lent approaching I'm realizing that it's a good time to assess my spiritual life to see where my life's focus has shifted away from Jesus and to make the necessary changes. I know that if I’m not progressively growing spiritually then I’m on a spiritual decline.

What do you have planned for Lent?  Whatever it is I pray that it will draw  you closer to Christ and will prepare your heart for Easter.

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  1. A great reminder that life is not a big party. We, as Christians have a job to do!
    Thanks for linking up to On Your Heart tuesday

  2. I think you are right -- how many of my days are lived like Carnival? I mean there might not be the outright debauchery, but the selfishness is surely there. What an eye opening thought. So glad you linked up to SDG this week!

  3. I'll be honest. I love to live the Carnival life! Lent comes along just in time to remind me to balance the fun with a life lived for him, not for myself. Thanks for inspiring me.


  4. Hi Rebecca,

    Nice to meet you. I found you via Shanda's Tuesday link up.

    "A Christian living only for the here and now" -- how often do my actions look like that, even if my heart desires to live with an eternity-focus, I wonder.

    Thank you.

    Jennifer Dougan




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