Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1000 Gifts - 606 to 630

606.  Jeremiah 31:3
607.  Peace from God
608.  Friend's husband's surgery went well
609.  God's protection of my stepdad when his truck left the interstate into the median (he was not injured)
610.  Warm soup on a cold night

611.  A pantry full of food
612.  Seat warmers for the leather seats in my car
613.  Extra blankets on the bed on cold nights
614.  A Christmas card from my cousin that included a CD of Christmas songs
615.  Samantha's post which so accurately described my feelings this week and the knowledge that I'm not the only one

616.  God bringing Nehemiah 8:10b to my attention over and over again
617.  God's reassurances of His love and faithfulness to me
618.  Talking to a friend who recently moved and keeping up with her adventures in her new hometown via Facebook
619.  God is love
620.  Laughter in the house when my family gathers together

621.  Watching my family members open their Christmas gifts
622.  Playing with my niece and nephew with their new toys
623.  Mercy - God not giving me what I deserved
624.  Grace - God giving me what I didn't deserve
625.  Jesus coming to earth and taking on human form so He could live the life that I should have and bear the penalty that should have been mine

626.  Talking to my sister on the phone during my morning commute
627.  Answered prayers
628.  The atoning blood of Jesus
629.  The hope I have because Jesus is my Savior
630.  Conviction by the Holy Spirit is not condemnation

631.  End of the year bonus from my employer
632.  Celebrating Christmas, the day when the Word became flesh
633.  Christmas morning church service
634.  God being able to use anyone to fulfill his purpose
635.  God using the ordinary to do the extraordinary

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