Monday, October 17, 2011

Note to Self #12

From a Facebook friend:
Sailors in the northern oceans have frequently observed icebergs traveling in one direction in spite of strong winds blowing in the opposite direction.  The icebergs were moving against the winds, but how? The explanation is that the icebergs, with eight-ninths of their bulk under the water surface, were caught in the grip of strong currents that moved them in a certain direction, no matter which way the winds raged. In the Christian life, no matter how strongly the winds of passing opinions blow in opposition, the believer who has a depth of living in the currents of God's grace should move toward righteousness.
From Home Life:
We must be responsible stewards of what we've been given.  How can we worship and honor the Lord if our bodies are deteriorating from neglect? ~ Ben Greenfield
From In Touch:
God knows how to solve your problems, but He may choose to require your cooperation, possibly even asking you to do something that seems unreasonable.  But whenever we yield our flawed solutions and meager resources to Him and step out in obedience, He does great things in us and through us.
Prayer is not merely expressing our present desires. Its purpose is to exercise and train our desires, so that we want what He is getting ready to give us. His gift is very great, and we are small vessels for receiving it. So prayer involves widening our hearts to God. ~Augustine of Hippo
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  1. The first quote speaks to me the most. I want to be the type of Christian who doesn't seem moved in the direction of the world, but moves counter to it. Definitely takes the power of Jesus, living in "the currents of God's grace!

  2. All good, but as Lisa said, the first one really speaks to me the most: to have that depth, to stay in the path and the truth God wants me to despite the blowing winds above.




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