Monday, October 03, 2011

Lord Undo Me

I don't really worship these days
I don't really stand up to praise you with songs
Or prayers or actions or with anything
I am full of all the right moves
I am full of all the right words
I am full of all the right religion
But it is all just illusion
I am really lonely, lost, calloused, jaded, cynical
Too religious, too realistic
And well really just to lazy to worship you anymore
I have lost my first love
I have lost the joy of your presence
But most of all I have lost the fear of your glory

Father I need to see you again
Like Isaiah I want to stand in awe of your glory
To fall down at your feet to come face to face with your
Perfection, radiance, goodness, holiness, awesomeness
I want to stand before you and see you
For who you are and me for who I am
I want to be undone

I want to know me for who I really am
I want to see the depths of my heart
And know that you are the only way
You are the only truth
You are the only life
I want to see me and understand
What it really must have taken for you to
Love me, care for me, see me,
Speak to me, want me, communicate with me
Die for me
Die for me
Die for me

Lord, I want to stand in that place where
All I can see is your glory and my sin
Because in that place I can't help but worship you.
Lord let me come undone
Undo my heart
Lord, undo my heart
Break down these walls that I love so much
No, wait don't, I'm scared I don't know if I can handle this

But I can't live this way anymore
I can't stand here in this half-life
This going through the motions life
This not really alive life
Father, I need you so come in and do what you must
Cut out the tumor in my heart
Break down the walls that I love
Lord let me come undone
Undo my heart
Let me worship you again


I recently heard this while listening to J. D. Chandler on KLove and later found the words on his Facebook page. 

Mr. Williams' words spoke to me because I  realized the continual need to surrender every part of my life to God so there are no barriers between Him and me so I can worship and serve Him wholeheartedly. 

The idea of surrender is scary, but I know that's my flesh unwilling to give up control. In my heart I know I can surrender my all to God because He's in control and He loves me dearly, and until I surrender to Him I will never become all that He has planned for me to be.


  1. Wow. These words are very powerful. It is a daily surrender, isn't it? To his control, not ours.

    But it is scary. I don't always want to let go of "me" and my plans, even when I know his are better. Lord, help us all to worship you!

  2. It's amazing how this goes along with our revival meetings last week! The subject of the week was Victory Over Sin, and yours is the second post I've read today that goes right along with that theme!

  3. Wow, those words are indeed powerful. It's strange how we resist this so much when it is the only path to true peace.




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