Monday, October 10, 2011

1000 Gifts - 551 to 568

Gifts from this past week...

551.  When I drove through a yellow light, the Holy Spirit telling me that I really need to slow down and stop when the light is yellow and
552.  That I need to stop making excuses why I'm disobeying traffic rules and God
553.  Conviction that I need to heed spiritual warnings in order to avoid danger

554.  A cheerful client that put a smile on my face and
555.  Who reminded me to see the joy and blessings that are present every single day
556.  The reminder that being joyful is a deliberate choice
557.  The lesson that when I chose to see joy in every day there will no longer be "okay" days or "bad" days.

558.  My Bible study group praying for my sister's surgery
559.  Being part of a Bible study group that ministers to the needs of others
560.  My sister's back pain being alleviated by the surgery
561.  Friend's advice on what to give my three year old niece for vomiting

562.  Over the counter cold medicine
563.  Puffs Plus with lotion
564.  Being able to pray to God about anything and everything
565.  God is interested in every detail of my life

566.  God is willing to listen to the things that bother me no matter how small
567.  God helping to make decisions in my life, both big and small
568.  Both of my co-workers' husbands getting new jobs after 6 months and 14 months of unemployment, respectively

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  1. Thanks for your post. I keep hearing about 1000 gifts..need to get it today!




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