Monday, September 19, 2011

Note to Self #11

From Explore the Bible - Learner Guide, Fall 2011:
There is no real peace without grace. Grace initiates the journey, while peace eliminates hositility toward God. This is why we tell others about the gospel of Jesus Christ. ~ Dr. Paul Norman Jackson
From The Rurban Church:
Fear of criticism kills spontaneity; it prevents men from showing themselves and expressing themselves freely, as they are. Much courage is needed to paint a picture, to write a book, to erect a building designed along new architectural lines, or to formulate an independent opinion or an original idea. Any new concept, any creation, falls foul of a host of critics. Those who criticize the most are the ones who create nothing. ~ Paul Tournier, Guilt and Grace (New York, 1962), page 98.
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  1. Grace versus Fear. I think your two quotes are a nice juxtaposition. The more I try to let go of fear, the more I realize the need to grab hold of grace.

    Nice choices to share. Thanks.

  2. I completely agree with the bit about fearing criticism--I spent a lot of years in that place. What I've found to be most liberating, though, is not so much getting rid of my fear of criticism from man, but realizing how God has completely affirmed me, that I am right before Him regardless of my performance (through the work of Christ). I can't say I've done amazing things since God impressed my heart with the reality of justification, but I certainly have seen the fruit of boldness out of the sweet seed of justification.

  3. Love both of these. I can tend to be hesitant for fear of criticism and have to remind myself no one can please everyone, and someone is not going to like what I do. It does still sting. But I need to keep my eyes on doing what He wants me to do and pleasing Him.




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