Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm All Over The Place

Grief, Black & White
Photo Credit: Eric Chan (maveric2003) ~ Creative Commons

Today I received a phone call. A phone call I had been anticipating the past few days.  A call that would send my thoughts and emotions off in different directions. 

That call came this morning at 8 a.m. -- Mr. Bill, the father of a childhood friend passed away. 

I have felt sadness because I know how much my friend's family is hurting. I feel their pain -- not as deeply, but I still feel it.

I feel helpless because I know that there are no words or covered dish that ease their sorrow. I want to do something, but I know the only thing I can do is to pray for them and to be a shoulder for them for cry on.

I am trusting that God is close to them and will provide my friend's family with the strength and comfort to face the coming days.

I am thankful to have known Mr. Bill -- a humble Christian man, full of integrity, a strong work ethic, who loved his family, church and community and was willing to serve them. A man who helped with our youth group and was willing to invest in my life and the lives of others.

I am rejoicing because this morning Mr. Bill saw Jesus for the first time face to face in heaven. How awesome is that? 

And to be honest, that makes me a little jealous because I want to see Jesus too! But it's not my turn yet. God isn't finished with me here just yet.

I have been reminded how short our time on this earth is and that each moment is precious. Time is a commodity, and I've been convicted to use it wisely by investing in the lives of others.

So in the days to come, I'll be there for Mr. Bill's family, faithfully do the work God has given me while keeping my eyes on heaven.


  1. I'm so sorry your friends lost their dad, but am thankful he is with the Lord. :)

  2. Rejoicing and mourning with you. May Mr. Bill's family and all who mourn the loss be completely wrapped in the Holy SPirit, finding shelter underneath His wings.

  3. I pray God will give you the words, the silence and the knowledge of his wisdom so that you can bless this family and extend God's comfort to them.

  4. Mr. Bill sounds like the kid of person we are all better for knowing. Prayers with you and with his family.

  5. Wow Rebecca, this post of you made me cry of joy because of this mister Bill incredibile experience. Thanks for sharing it. I'll be back to see your soul song.


  6. my best friend lost her parent last year, and I felt totally helpless wondering how I could console her. I mostly just cried with her over skype. Like Mr. Bill, this woman was a wonderful example of leading a Christian life. I haven't been the same since her very Christ-centered funeral. The loss on earth feels huge, but this is not our eternal home, and KNOWING that Mr. Bill is in heaven hopefully brings relief to the sorrow. My prayers are with you and that family.




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