Sunday, September 04, 2011

Giving Myself A Break

From "Permission to Exhale" by Joan C. Webb that was published in In Touch:
Burnout can happen in any facet of life when we cling to unreasonable expectations and ignore this truth:  that only God is perfect.
Perfection on this earth isn't possible, and striving for what remains impossible is a guaranteed path to frustration and disappointment.  While many of us know this in theory, we tell ourselves that we're just trying to do our very best, and to let go of our ideals would be to allow our lives to fall apart.
A freedom-producing truth I'm learning is that I'm not responsible for other people's reactions -- whether that person is a family member, friend, coworker, or stranger.  I can express my beliefs or opinions, but if someone else doesn't concur, I don't need to try to change her mind or silently judge her. It just isn't my job! God is the Master, Protector, Provider, and Persuader.  And although I'm grateful for the privilege of partnering with Him in His work here on earth, I know I can release others to Him because He really is sovereign.
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  1. Such a great truth ~ I was actually having to surrender some of my anxiety and people pleasing fears to the Lord today ~ just asking Him to break my will so that I could find that blessed resting place in Him! What a glorious place that is ~ to only be concerned with pleasing Him!! Thank you for sharing ~ Much love, alice

  2. A very good quote. Only He is perfect, and striving in our own strength is fruitless. Our pastor has been preaching a series on grace recently. Don't we all need to hear those great truths again and again?


    e-Mom @ Chrysalis

  3. I always need to hear reminders to let go of perfectionism. I don’t consider myself a classic perfectionist, but I probably am in certain areas, and I need to work to let go of that in ALL areas. Christ is our only perfection!

  4. Forgive me for overlooking this one. Love it, especially "only God is perfect.Perfection on this earth isn't possible, and striving for what remains impossible is a guaranteed path to frustration and disappointment."




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