Sunday, September 25, 2011

1000 Gifts - 531 to 545

Still counting...

531.  Protection of a friend's husband while he is serving in Iraq
532.  New brakes for my car
533.  Having my three year old niece ask questions about Jesus
534.  Talking to my niece about Jesus and heaven
535.  Seeing my niece's eyes light up when I told her that Jesus was coming back for us one day

536.  Big, fluffy clouds that seem so close that you could reach up and touch them
537.  Making progress with the work that has been in my inbox
538.  Medicines for migraines
539.  Being almost back to normal the day after a migraine
540.  My sister being able to find something good about being in bed all day with severe back pain...she had a lot of quality time with the Lord

541.  The accountability and sweet fellowship of #mym3 which gets me out of bed a little earlier for Bible study and prayer time
542.  Abiding Fruit Bible study
543.  Blessings received from connecting with other Christians on Facebook, Twitter and blogs
544.  Seeing how God is using sermons on Sunday, my Bible study and devotions to communicate a single message to me
545.  Seeing friends turn to God when they have challenges in life

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  1. So sorry to hear about the migraine! My mom used to suffer terribly from them when I was young. Then she learned she had some certain food allergies and they've pretty much cleared up. I do know they can wipe you out, so I'm glad you found some good medicine to help!

    New brakes! Yay! And to hear a 3 year old talk about Jesus...nothing better! Great list!!




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