Sunday, September 18, 2011

1000 Gifts - 511 to 530

Still counting...

511.  God revealing opportunities to me where I can serve after I prayed about wanting to make a difference for His kingdom
512.  A call from sister telling me how God spoke to her through K-Love's programming after her praying to Him
513.  Being safe and dry in my house during a hard downpour of rain
514.  The conviction of the Holy Spirit
515.  Seeing how God is using sermons, my Bible study, devotions and Christian radio programming over the last few weeks to guide and direct me in a certain direction

516.  Being open to God's correction
517.  God loving me enough to not leave me the way I am, but continually working in my life to make me perfect in Christ
518.  Dining out with friends to celebrate a birthday
519.  A fresh perspective after visiting my hometown
520.  Visiting with a friend who has cancer

521.  Hugs from friends
522.  Reconnecting with old friends
523.  Seeing members of my home church minister to my friend's family during their time of need
524.  Watching my friend's wife take care of him during his illness
525.  My co-worker's husband having several job prospects after a year of unemployment

526.  Safety while driving on wet and flooded streets due to Tropical Storm Lee
527.  No torandoes from Tropical Storm Lee
528.  Seeing the sun trying to come out after four days of rain
529.  Fully recovery from a stress fracture in my foot
530.  The fact that Jesus knows exactly how I feel

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  1. I think Blogger just ate my comment, sorry if this posts twice.

    Just wanted to say that these are amazing gifts!! I haven't read 1000 Gifts yet but I truly see the power in thankfulness. I love the one about watching your friend tend to her husband during an illness. It's powerful to see the wedding vows in action (in sickness and in health).

    Sorry to hear about your foot! :(
    Glad the storm didn't cause damage.

    Much love,




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