Sunday, September 11, 2011

1000 Gifts - 491 to 510

Continuing to count my many gifts....

491.  God's protection for our nation
492.  Military personnel and their families who sacrifice so much so the citizens of our nation can be safe and free
493.  The unsung heroes of September 11, 2001
494.  My citizenship as an American
495.  My citizenship in heaven as a child of God

496.  Seeing evidence that blended families can work
497.  Finding a ringing cell phone in a restaurant parking lot and being able to return it to its owner
498.  My nephew doing so well in school
499.  My co-worker's husband getting a job after four months of unemployment
500.  Spontaneous hugs from my niece

501.  An immune system to fight off the viruses
502.  A summer cold that was very, very mild
503.  Seeing the Holy Spirit work in and through's so encouraging to see spiritual progress in myself
504.  Motivation to take care of my body
505.  A post from Priscilla Shirer's blog that made me see my singleness in a different perspective

506.  Sharing Scripture with my sister to encourage her
507.  Ability to remember things
508.  Discerning God's voice from the enemy
509.  A client's diagnosis of no cancer
510.  Reminder that one person can make a difference

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