Monday, August 22, 2011

Note to Self #10

From a Facebook friend:
A person's perception is their reality! Unfortunately, some folks are unwilling to hear anything of the truth, preferring their perception instead! At that point, loving prayer is the only possible solution.

From A Holy Experience:

It’s only pride’s hunger for perfection that paralyzes a heart, keeps us enslaved to fear. Pride is fear’s father and pride is the kin to all cowards.
From another Facebook friend:
The contrast is stark in the Sermon on the Mount between religion of pretend and that of sincerity. God eventually calls everyone's bluff. The real test now is what you are in secret with God, with no one else looking. That is the type of believer you are: One who has the real stuff or a facade. God will reveal it so get the real thing.
From @JuanaMikels on Twitter:
Temptations are like walking past a group of evil men talking and hearing what they said as I walked down the road.  Just keep walking.


  1. I think it's true that only between you and God are things truly TRUE and known...but that doesn't mean we should be cynical and skeptical of people around us...trying to live out their faith in fear and trembling.

  2. My pastor just started in on the Sermon on the Mount in our trip through the book of Matthew--and he said close to the same thing as your friend did. He talked about how the Sermon on the Mount separates out the authentic believer from the religious hypocrite.

    Good thoughts!

  3. I think I need to get a higher quality of Facebook friends! ha. I don't recall seeing them post such insightful things very often.

  4. All good, but that third one is really standing out to me. "God eventually calls everyone's bluff."




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