Monday, August 01, 2011

1000 Gifts - 341 to 360

341.  Fresh peaches
342.  Spending time with my nephew
343.  My grandparents who were loving and patient with me while I was growing up
344.  Hearing my 3 year old niece sing "Jesus Loves Me"
345.  Three day weekend

346.  Getting spiritually fed at church
347.  Jesus being my bread of life
348.  Knowing that others are praying for me
349.  A remark from a friend that let me know that I am making a positive difference
350.  Someone asking how I've been or how my day was and really listening because they care about what I have to say

351.  Talking with a friend to clear up a misunderstanding before the situation got blown out of proportion
352.  Seeing how past experiences have prepared me to comfort and pray for those who are going through similar trials
353.  Being able to swap my broken printer at work for a new printer that the office received free some time ago
354.  Mission minded friends
355.  Quiet time with God

356.  Being able to talk to God anywhere, anytime
357.  Working with organized people
358.  Co-workers who are like family to me
359.  Comfortable dress shoes
360.  Paying off my car loan

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