Friday, July 29, 2011

Portrait of Unforgiveness

Photo Credit: wheat_in_your_hair (Catherine) - Creative Commons

Smiles, laughter and hugs were once in abundance, and love flowed freely between them. But that all changed the day harsh words were spoken between them. Soul piercing words that can't be retracted. Hurt in a way they never thought possible, they each retreated behind a wall of pride in an attempt to protect themselves from any further pain.

Love has ceased to exist. Peace and unity are a thing of the past. Now there's steely silence broken only by sharp words.

They are old enough to know better, but driven by the need to be right at all costs, they refuse to forgive. They are unable to see the full magnitude of their actions. By holding fast their pain has become magnified until it has taken on a life of its own and has incurred collateral and friends near and dear to them.

No one wins when we refuse to forgive; everyone gets hurt. Unforgiveness is a poison that separates the best of friends, destroys loving families and damages our relationship with God.

The only antidote to end the downward spiral is forgiveness. Forgiveness is not about feelings, and it's not about whose right or whose wrong. Forgiveness is how love is displayed in relationships, and it's what Jesus has commanded us to do.

Will you join with me to pray for those who have been hurt that they will choose forgiveness today?

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  1. I have found that unforgiveness festers and boils, hurting not so much the one unforgiven, but burning small holes in the joy of the one refusing to forgive. Awesome post full of wisdom.




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