Saturday, July 23, 2011

Don't Know What To Do

indecision dice
Photo Credit: Anne-Lise Heinrichs (snigl3t - Flikr)

If you want wisdom -- if you want to know what God wants you to do -- ask Him and He will gladly tell you. James 1:5

There are many times in life when choices are unclear, and you are unsure what to do next.  The good news is the answers are always available, if you will ask God.

God wants to give you the answers that elude you and guide you in the way to go. It makes the Lord happy when you come to Him for help. You are not bothering Him. He never tires of you asking for wisdom, but if you ask, God expects you to obey and do what He says. When you ask for wisdom, be sure that you are willing to follow God's directions at all cost.


  1. I believe this....even for little things......once we couldn't find the keys....and prayed... And amazingly we opened a drawer and there they were

  2. AMEN! Don't depend on the roll of the dice. Ask for God's hand to intervene.

  3. How well I know this! I am in a job where God put me -- I tried not to take it and then after being in it for a while tried to move on to something else. No way! Where God put me, He clearly intends me to stay. I have from time to time been offered tempting positions elsewhere, but now I know the answer even before the offer appears: no.

  4. When we left Bedford after 19 years God planned it all. Job, house, school for the girls, church...all in a matter of 2 weeks. He never leads us astray!


  5. Such good advice. Thank you for sharing this post.




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