Monday, July 25, 2011

1000 Gifts - 309 to 340

309.  God providing a new pastor for my church
310.  Seeing the church full with fellow believers on the Sabbath
311.  Strength from God to help me focus on a task that required accuracy when I didn't feel my best
312.  Going 11 weeks without having to take the prescription medicine for a migraine
313.  That the prescription medicine works fairly quickly in providing relief from the migraine pain

314.  Waking up the day after a migraine with new pain
315.  Caffiene the day after a migraine to give me energy
316.  The smell of rain
317.  The freedoms I have by being an American citizen
318.  The many men and women who sacrificed so much for the freedom that I enjoy

319.  Celebrating my niece's 3rd birthday
320.  Family barbeque
321.  Fireworks
322.  Dependable electrical services
323.  City workers who are trying to find the gas leak around my office

324.  Laughing with my family
325.  Shopping with my sister
326.  New pretty blouse
327.  The sound of crickets at night
238.  Watching butterflies fly around the yard

239.  Seeing an American flag waving in the wind
240.  Free song download from K-LOVE

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