Monday, July 18, 2011

1000 Gifts - 286 to 308

286.  Catching up with my co-workers on Monday morning about their weekend
287.  Being able to see the bottom of my inbox at work
288.  The joy and closeness I feel to God when I blog
289.  Encouraging comments from blog readers
290.  Quiet day at work

291.  Remember Me app for my phone that helps me learn and review memory verses
292.  Home grown tomatoes
293.  Spending time with relatives that I haven't seen in years
294.  Laughing with family
295.  Safety while traveling in the rain

296.  Seeing the godly man that my cousin has become
297.  Being able to take time off from work
298.  Having a day to slow down and relax
299.  Gas prices dropping (it's only 2 cents here and there, but I'm thankful for the decrease no matter how small)
300.  More rain (I know I've mentioned rain a lot lately, but after a 2 month drought every drop is precious!)

301.  No cavities :D
302.  A friend sharing coupons with me
303.  Talking to my aunt on her birthday
304.  Jesus dying on the cross for my sins
305.  Insight gained from my study of Proverbs

306.  Being able to provide a job lead to my co-worker's husband
307.  A productive, but relaxing Saturday
308.  Fresh vegetables from the garden
309.  Walking in the rain
310.  The advice of a wise friend

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