Monday, July 11, 2011

1000 Gifts - 261 to 285

261.  Singing with the congregation at church
262.  Hearing sound Biblical teaching
263.  Bible teachers who are transparent about their struggles to live a godly life
264.  Rain that lasted 45 minutes
265.  Water standing in the yard after the rain

266.  A friend's mother coming home from the hospital 
267.  My sister enjoying a much deserved vacation
268.  There being enough money to pay this week's bills
269.  God's perfect timing in providing blessings
270.  Air conditioning in my car on hot summer days

271.  God's creativity
272.  God's forebearance with me
273.  God speaking to me during our quiet times together
274.  The sound of thunder
275.  Hugs

276.  The church chimes playing "Jesus Loves Me"
277.  Not having to do errands for the office on a hot afternoon
278.  Trying feta cheese for the first time and liking it
279.  Chance encounter with friends that I haven't seen in a while
280.  Watching a friend use her artistic abilities for the glory of the Lord

281.  Being chosen by God to be adopted into His holy family
282.  My cousin being able to go to church after a six month illness
283.  Hot, homemade egg rolls from a client
284.  Missing elderly man from my comunity was found safe
285.  Being made in God's image

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