Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's on Your Nightstand - June 2011

This month I have read:
  • The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom with John and Elizabeth Sherrill - I knew that Corrie ten Boom was a remarkable woman and knew a little about her before reading this book. What impressed me the most is how Corrie and her family lived their Christian beliefs every day regardless if they were in their home or in prison, whether they had much or had very little. Their faith in God was consistent because it was not dependent on their circumstances. This is a story of how God can use anyone, anywhere, and at anytime, if they are willing to be used. While the story describes the ugly face of evil, it also shows the healing power of forgiveness and that the power to forgive comes from God.
  • Between Sundays by Karen Kingsbury - This is story where the NFL meets the foster child problem of America. I knew very little about foster care in this country, and the statistics about what happens to foster children after they leave the system at age 18 were eye opening. While the plot may have been somewhat predictable, it was a good read that reminded me that everyone desires to be a part of family and the power of God's grace to transform each of us.
  • 102 Minutes: The Untold Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Twin Towers by Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn - By compiling information from many sources, the authors give some insight into what occurred within the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, from when the first plane hit until the last tower fell. It also explains the reasons why so many survived the planes' impact of the buildings, but were unable to get out alive. This book could have been confusing and chaotic with all the different storylines and background information being provided, but I think the authors did a great job in conveying the story in a clear and compelling manner. Even though I knew how the story would end, it was difficult to put the book down, and I found myself reliving that tragic day once again.
  • From The Sons of Encouragement Francine Rivers: The Priest is about Aaron, the brother of Moses. The Warrior which is the story of Caleb. Each novella is about a Biblical character who served God while standing in the shadow of a great leader. The stories are works of fiction based on the Bible and they made me view these well known Bible stories from a different perspective by considering the characters emotions, actions and possible motives.


  1. Thanks for the book review/recommendations! These will go on my list to look for at the library.

  2. 102 Minutes sounds really interesting,though I think I'd have a hard time with it. Thanks for joining in!





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