Sunday, June 19, 2011

Note to Self #5

Success is most often a by-product of faithfulness.
From "What Agreements Have You Made with the Enemy" by Cliff Young:
Every time we choose to give upon ourselves based upon what someone else tells us or as a result of our fears, we confirm those agreements and they become a greater stronghold in our lives.
One reason many of us don't live up to God's expectations for our lives is because we allow ourselves to accept something less than best for it. We tell ourselves we can't do it, we aren't worthy, it's for someone else or we're "OK" if we don't.


  1. So I'm hearing "Don't give up!" Always good advice. Thanks for sharing these, Rebecca.

  2. So very true. We start by believing lies, then we're living lies, then we're building our lives around lies--such that the only way to have a firm foundation is to tear down the lies and start afresh on the Truth.

    Praise Jesus that He is the Truth--and that His truth is a solid rock on which to build our lives.

  3. Love both if these. There can be little if any success without faithfulness. And that second one really has a lot of food for thought.




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