Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Focus on What's Important

Photo Credit: Mark Hunter (toolstop - flikr)


I need help to do the work You have given me to do. I want to do it with the right attitude. Shape my heart and attitude so my work will bring You glory. Turn my focus from others -- what they may or may not be doing, thinking -- which wastes my time and energy.

I want and need your help to keep You as my sole focus. May my only concern be what you think of my work. I want to develop the habit of having the mindset that everything I do is for You, but I need Your help.

I want to stay out of your way so I don't inhibit Your work in and through me, but yet I want to participate and work with You and be used by You.

Thank you for Your never-ending love, patience, mercy, forgiveness and grace. I love You!

In Jesus' name, I pray


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  1. I love this prayer! Get out of the way and let God work!! Woo hoo! I found you via Women's Bible Cafe. I'm following your lovely blog! You can find me at




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