Monday, June 13, 2011

1000 Gifts - 171 to 200

171.  Praying early in the morning while the birds sing outside my window
172.  Being able to talk to God anywhere, anytime, about anything
173.  Working with godly people
174.  Hot popcorn and a good movie
175.  Prayers answered just in time

176.  An encouraging note from a friend
177.  Someone offering to pray for me
178.  My nephew being promoted to the next grade
179.  Hugs from my niece
180.  Sore muscles the day after a good workout

181.  The convenience of the new Courthouse
182.  Homopaethic allergy remedies that work
183.  Local health food store
184.  Seeing my sister minister to others through her job
185.  Help at the cell phone store to get my new phone working right

186.  Realization that it's okay that I don't know everything
187.  The opportunity to blog
188.  God using my blog posts to minister to me
189.  Realization that I wasn't meant to do everything
190.  Black and white movies where you can comedy, romance and drama without explicitness

191.  Commentaries and study guides that give me greater insight into God's Word
192.  Cool breezes on warm days
193.  Making new friends
194.  Finding a band aid in our office first aid kit to put on the blister on my foot
195.  Taste buds to enjoy food and beverages

196.  Indoor plumbing
197.  Air conditioning
198.  Fat free sour cream (that doesn't taste any different than the regular kind)
199.  Being able to bend my arm so I can scratch my back
200.  The smell of gardenias


  1. I'm loving #172 and #186.

    And #188? How awesome is that? It's amazing that God can even use our own voices to speak to us. Totally cool!

  2. I'm new to your blog-- found you via Faithful Bloggers. I love your different themes --especially the 1000's list. wow!!




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