Sunday, May 29, 2011

Note to Self #2

From Praying for Purpose for Women by Katie Brazelton:
A successful person is one who uses the gifts and abilities that God has given her to make a difference. Whatever situation, place, or season she finds herself in, she knows that is the place God has earmarked for her to represent him. ~ Laura Krauss
From Proverbs 31 Ministries via Facebook:
Dreams deferred don't necessarily equal dreams denied. Dreams derailed don't have to debunk belief.
From a friend on Facebook:
Bad habits are like bad wallpaper...difficult to remove once they are stuck.  Choose wisely what you put on your walls and in your hearts.


  1. Good food for thought here, Rebecca. As I prepare for the homestretch of homeschooling (my youngest daughter starts her senior year this fall), I wonder what God has in store for me next.

  2. That's a great first quote. The main theme of life sometimes seems to be "change," but we can seek whatever He wants us to do in each situation.

    And, true, sometimes God's "wait" doesn't mean "no."

    Boy, that last one is so apt!

  3. I love that second about dreams deferred. Sometimes it's easy to get discouraged when dreams are deferred--and to stop dreaming. But I've been learning to live with the dreams deferred--and to dream new dreams for the meantime!

  4. Hi, Rebecca!

    That first one hits home for me. As I was sitting out on my patio tonight, enjoying the cool evening air while shelling a bucket of peas, I thought about some changes that might be coming, and I remembered to stop and simply thank God for where I am now. But I don't always do that.

    Thanks for the reminder!




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