Sunday, May 22, 2011

Facing Trials

From Open Windows:
To look within is to discover our own inadequacies. To look around is to realize the chaos of our times. Only as we lift our eyes heavenward, toward Him "with whom is no variableness, neither shadowing or turning" (James 1:17), do we find a remedy for our fears and a strong ground for our confidence.
From Treasures of Wisdom:
To do anything less than commit ourselves completely to our Lord in simple trust during the troubling times of our lives is to insult His wisdom. To resist Him, question Him, doubt Him, or criticize what He allows in our lives is to deny that He is the only wise God, and claim that we are wise than He. ~ Richard L. Strauss


  1. Funny…I wrote about inadequacies this morning. Been feeling mine a lot lately, but that’s okay. I’m meant to have them; keeps me looking UP. Great quotes.

  2. I love that first one--it's so true. We can be wont to look around, in, under, everywhere but to Christ. Yet it's only in Christ that we can find what we're looking for.

  3. Those are both really good but I especially love the first one. Truly we do need to readjust our focus often.




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