Wednesday, April 06, 2011

He Said What?!?

Every year a daily calendar is purchased at my office. One year it was a calendar of quotes while another was full of jokes. This year's calendar is trivia questions. I usually read each day's entry while waiting for documents to go through the fax machine. Recently, I read the following:
What actor grousing said: "How the (bleep) would you like to work in this business for as long as I have and have your child win an Oscar before you?"
I was shocked at the tone of this statement, and I began to wonder what kind of parent would say such a thing.

Ever read some random thing and it sticks with you all day? Well, it happened to me on this day.  As the day went by, I was convicted for judging this person because I did not know the context of this quote nor did I know his or her heart.

What I took away from this random trivia question:
  • At times in order to know the true meaning of a quote, one must know the context in which it was spoken.
  • I cannot stop people from taking my words out of context, but I do have control over what the context is.
  • My words will be an enduring legacy, and therefore, I should use words carefully.
The answer to the trivia question: Henry Fonda who won an Oscar ten years after his daughter, Jane.

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