Monday, January 31, 2011

The Week in Words

From the article entitled "Grace - The Solution to Just About Everything, A Conversation with Andy Stanley" by Sandy Feit in the January 2011 In Touch magazine:
What surprise me is how extraordinary powerful [grace] is even when one person is willing to go first...Grace says, "I'm not gonna wait; I'm not gonna meet you in the middle. I'm just gonna go first."
That is exactly what Jesus did - He went first and He went all the way to the cross in the greatest display of grace!

From the Tuesday, January 25th devotion entitled "Everywhere" in the January 2011 Journey magazine:
When we feel unloved, unwanted, purposeless -- the mental state that comes as a result from being detached from God -- we're irritable at the very least.
This quote opened my eyes to the correlation between my bad moods and my connection with God.

From the Wednesday, January 26th devotion entitled "Everywhere" in the January 2011 Journey magazine:
Bad attitudes are usually because of unmet expectations -- we didn't get what we wanted when and how we wanted it.
From an article entitled "Her Blessing - How Jealousy Can Steal Joy" from the November, 2010 In Touch magazine:
Jealousy often seeks to self-gratify. And in the process, someone else is diminished.
A covetous heart craves status and fights to maintain it.
And on a much lighter note...from January 25th entry of the perpetual calendar that my mother gave me many years ago:
If truth is beauty, how come no one has her hair done in the library?  Lily Tomlin
After all these years, that quote still makes me smile!


  1. The “Everywhere” Jan 25 quote opens my eyes too. I’ll have to see if that correlates to my moods as well.

    The jealousy quote also strikes a chord with me: jealousy doesn’t just hurt me, it hurts someone else too. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful thoughts.

  2. The quotes from the 25th and 26th fit right along with what I've been learning this month. My "problems" are largely a result of taking my eyes off of Christ and on to self. Which reminds me of something a wise woman used to tell me. She'd say "My circumstances are not my life, Christ Jesus is my life." I can be tempted to look at my circumstances and say "My life stinks"--but if I remember that Christ IS my life, I become aware that regardless of my circumstances, I have a wonderful life!




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