Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Week in Words

This is a collection of quotes that made an impression on me this past week:

"For the Christian to be driven or motivated toward toward personal resolution by a change of the calendar frankly seems a little superstitious...To say that January 1st is somehow the best day to make personal resolutions is to pattern ourselves after two societies that were completely steeped in paganism...For us to then say that we are most significantly convinced of the need for change in the days or weeks leading up to January 1st is to say that the Holy Spirit is somehow constrained or motivated by the same pagan system of days that motivated the Romans and the Babylonians...As Christians we know that we are to live in a continual state of repentance, always being sensitive to the necessity for change, always pursing holiness, and always seeking to obey Christ.  To wait until January 1st, viewing it as the one time eacy year when we make what we hope will be the most significant of these changes is to say that they are not just as necessary on May 7th, or August 19th, or any other day of the year."  
Daryl Wingerd from Let Us Resolve This...A Few Thoughts About Personal Resolutions

"Gluttony is the sin of not enough and too much.  It's rarely content with what it has and routinely asks for more. It has an appetite that's long and patience that's short." 
Aaron Householder from an article on gluttony in the December, 2010 issue of Home Life

"Shallow desires produce shallow efforts." 
Lysa TerKeurst from Made to Crave as posted on Lisa & Eric's blog on KLove's website

From a Facebook friend :  "Success is having the courage, determination and the will.  Failure is making excuses why you didn't succeed and blaming others around you because you didn't." 

Great reminder from a Facebook friend:  "It does not matter what else is happening around me if my relationship with God is right nothing will be able to defeat me and take away my peace only God can give." 

Barbara hosts this cool meme at Stray Thoughts.


  1. "Shallow desires produce shallow efforts."
    I heard Lysa speak on the Family Life radio show, and recently got her book free for my Kindle. Can’t wait to start reading it. Thanks for sharing some great quotes!

  2. Thanks for the quote. Read more about following Jesus & subscribe at aaronhouseholder.net.

  3. Lisa,

    Thanks! I love quotes and I'm going to try to participate in this meme regularly. It will definitely help me blog more consistently.

    Have a blessed week!

  4. Hi Rebecca -- forgive me for not visiting before now. I just saw your link and missed it before.

    I had never thought of New Year's resolutions in that way, but that's a good point. I don't make them, because it seemed like I should just keep doing what I'm supposed to be doing anyway. The new year is a good time to look back, assess, and make course adjustments, but really we should be doing that on a regular basis and not wait for the new year.

    I was thinking of how coveting and gluttony go together, how their both unsatisfied and discontent.

    Thanks so much for participating -- hope to see you again!

  5. Barbara,

    So true about the connection between covetousness and gluttony.

    I look forward to participating in this meme in the future because I just love quotes!

    Have a blessed day!




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