Monday, January 31, 2011

The Week in Words

From the article entitled "Grace - The Solution to Just About Everything, A Conversation with Andy Stanley" by Sandy Feit in the January 2011 In Touch magazine:
What surprise me is how extraordinary powerful [grace] is even when one person is willing to go first...Grace says, "I'm not gonna wait; I'm not gonna meet you in the middle. I'm just gonna go first."
That is exactly what Jesus did - He went first and He went all the way to the cross in the greatest display of grace!

From the Tuesday, January 25th devotion entitled "Everywhere" in the January 2011 Journey magazine:
When we feel unloved, unwanted, purposeless -- the mental state that comes as a result from being detached from God -- we're irritable at the very least.
This quote opened my eyes to the correlation between my bad moods and my connection with God.

From the Wednesday, January 26th devotion entitled "Everywhere" in the January 2011 Journey magazine:
Bad attitudes are usually because of unmet expectations -- we didn't get what we wanted when and how we wanted it.
From an article entitled "Her Blessing - How Jealousy Can Steal Joy" from the November, 2010 In Touch magazine:
Jealousy often seeks to self-gratify. And in the process, someone else is diminished.
A covetous heart craves status and fights to maintain it.
And on a much lighter note...from January 25th entry of the perpetual calendar that my mother gave me many years ago:
If truth is beauty, how come no one has her hair done in the library?  Lily Tomlin
After all these years, that quote still makes me smile!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Key to Continuing Peace

My notes from Charles Stanley's sermon on The Key to Continuing Peace:

Peace with God is a one time decision.  It occurs when you become a child of God by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior (Romans 5:1). To have the peace of God you must make peace with God, that is deal with your sin and your relationship with God. There is no peace for the person who deliberately and willfully rejects God. Peace with God is the fruit of oneness with God. It is your responsibility to be one with God.

The peace of God which is a continual decision (Philippians 4:6-7). The peace of God comes from living a surrendered life that is to live in agreement with God. If you are not doing God's will, you will not have peace.  

Jesus is the source of peace.  The peace that Jesus offers to us does not come and go as our circumstances change.  All too often people look for peace in their circumstances which are always changing, but the key to peace is in our relationship with Jesus. Peace does not mean an absence of trouble, but knowledge that no matter what happens our souls are tranquil and stabilized because of our relationship with Jesus. When a person has peace, there is true joy which will overide the frustrations of life.

The believer's responsibility: 
  1. Claim what is yours - the power of the Holy Spirit within you as a child of God;
  2. Get your focus on Jesus. Trust Him for who He is and what He said He would provide (John 14:1, 27 and 16:33). Do not give in or give up, but trust God.
  3. Make a choice to rest in His peace and yield to Him.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Week in Words

Richard Blackaby from Putting A Face On Grace:
"His grace motivates Him to shower people with undeserved blessings.  Grace recognizes people's sin, anger, rebellion, and foolishness but looks beyond all of these to see what these people can become." 

From the Quote of Day e-mail from Grace Tabernacle of Ray Pritchard from the August 8, 1992, sermon entitled The Sin No One Will Admit:
"Coveting is nothing more or less than an attempt to improve upon God.  The covetous man moans and groans because he believes that he has been treated unfairly.  When all the goodies were passed out, he got nothing but crumbs...The coveteous man doubts God's wisdom, God's goodness, God's justice, God's timing and ultimately God's love.  Coveting is a terrible sin because it is a surreptitious attack on God Himself.  Those who covet are saying, 'God, you haven't taken care of me.'  They are blaming God for His failure to meet their needs." 
Footnote for Job 33:13 from Life Application Study Bible:
"Job's greatest test was not the pain, but that he did not know why he was suffering. Our greatest test may be that we must trust God's goodness even though we don't understand why our lives are going a certain way. We must learn to trust in God who is good not in the goodness of life."
From Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on Job 35:
"We have no reason to complain if we have not what we expect, but should be thankful that we have better than we deserve."
On a notepad where I had written this quote (I'm not sure of the original source):
"You must be careful how you walk and where you go for there are those following you who will set their feet where yours are set." ~ Robert E. Lee
From Your Life Uncommon's blog post entitled "Don't Judge Too Quickly":
"We have to be really careful when we judge others because we are only capable of judging based on our own life experiences. They have experienced something entirely different and so they react differently. We can't judge their choices because we don't fully understand why they have made them the way they have."
The Week in Words is hosted by Barbara at Stray Thoughts.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Week in Words

This is a collection of quotes that made an impression on me this past week:

"For the Christian to be driven or motivated toward toward personal resolution by a change of the calendar frankly seems a little superstitious...To say that January 1st is somehow the best day to make personal resolutions is to pattern ourselves after two societies that were completely steeped in paganism...For us to then say that we are most significantly convinced of the need for change in the days or weeks leading up to January 1st is to say that the Holy Spirit is somehow constrained or motivated by the same pagan system of days that motivated the Romans and the Babylonians...As Christians we know that we are to live in a continual state of repentance, always being sensitive to the necessity for change, always pursing holiness, and always seeking to obey Christ.  To wait until January 1st, viewing it as the one time eacy year when we make what we hope will be the most significant of these changes is to say that they are not just as necessary on May 7th, or August 19th, or any other day of the year."  
Daryl Wingerd from Let Us Resolve This...A Few Thoughts About Personal Resolutions

"Gluttony is the sin of not enough and too much.  It's rarely content with what it has and routinely asks for more. It has an appetite that's long and patience that's short." 
Aaron Householder from an article on gluttony in the December, 2010 issue of Home Life

"Shallow desires produce shallow efforts." 
Lysa TerKeurst from Made to Crave as posted on Lisa & Eric's blog on KLove's website

From a Facebook friend :  "Success is having the courage, determination and the will.  Failure is making excuses why you didn't succeed and blaming others around you because you didn't." 

Great reminder from a Facebook friend:  "It does not matter what else is happening around me if my relationship with God is right nothing will be able to defeat me and take away my peace only God can give." 

Barbara hosts this cool meme at Stray Thoughts.



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