Saturday, May 01, 2010

What If You Falter?

Exodus 32:1 to 34:35 is the background passage for my study group's weekly lesson which is about the golden calf that the Israelites demanded to have as a god and the consequences of this egregious sin.
So how does this lesson apply to today's believer?
  • When God tells you to wait, then do what He says.  Don't rush ahead of Him; don't take matters into your own hands; don't give up on the Lord.  Remember there is always a good reason for why God makes us wait. (Exodus 32:1)
  • Don't pressure your spiritual leaders into doing something that goes against God's law and His will. (Exodus 32:1)
  • As a spiritual leader, don't be pressured by those you lead to do something that is sinful or would cause another person to stumble spiritually. (Exodus 32:2)
  • Always seek God's guidance before striking out in a new direction. (Exodus 32:2) 
  • Don't allow anything made of man's hand become an idol in your life.  It will always be inferior to the one true God. (Exodus 32:4)
  • When distressed, don't slip into your old sinful habits.  This can occur when we allow fear, insecurity and a feeling of having been abandoned by God can overwhelm us, and our faith falters. (Exodus 32:1)
  • In times of stress, count your blessings and remember how God has graciously provided for you. (Exodus 32:1)
  • It is our duty to intercede for others asking that God be merciful to those who have sinned and praying that they confess and repent of their sins. (Exodus 32:11-13)
  • Idolatry, like all sin, angers God. (Exodus 32:8-10)
  • God is merciful, that is He doesn't give us what we deserve for our sin. (Exodus 32:14)
  • God always keeps His promises. (Exodus 32:13)
  • Anger at sin is righteous and is a sign of spiritual vitality. (Exodus 32:19-20)
  • When confronted with your sin, don't deflect responsiblity or gloss over the truth in order to make yourself look better.  Lying to cover up a sin is useless; commiting one sin does not erase another sin nor does it negate the consequences. The only acceptable response is to confess your sin to God and turn from that sin. (Exodus 32:22-24)
  • A congregation is only as strong spiritually as their leader is.  A spiritually weak leader will weaken a church. (Exodus 32:25)
  • Each person is accountable for their actions (Exodus 32:34)
  • God answers our requests (Exodus 33:18-23)
  • Spending time with God changes us; it changes our countenance and our character. (Exodus 34:28-30)
  • There are always consequences for sin, and your sin will affect not only yourself, but your descendants. (Exodus 34:7)

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