Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stay Away from Sin

Points that stood out to me from this week's Bible study from Levitcus 17:1-22:33:

• Keeping God’s commands is the only way to be holy in an unholy world. (Levitcus 17:3-4)

• Improper sexual relations, such as adultery, homosexuality, incest and prostitution, will destroy people, relationships, families and communities. (Levitcus 17:6-18)

• Loving a person does not mean you accept their sinful practices. It is best not to associate with the one who insists on maintaining a sinful lifestyle so that you will not become corrupt by their actions. (Levitcus 18:29)

• Because God has shown us mercy, we should be merciful and generous to the poor and the oppressed. (Levitcus 19:9-10, 15 and 33)

• Occult practices, such as tarot cards, horoscopes and fortune telling, reveal a lack of trust in God. (Levitcus 19:26)

• Adults have a responsibility to protect children and shield them from evil, as much as possible. (Levitcus 20:1-5)

• There are always consequences for sin. (Levitcus 20:1-27)

• Leaders/teachers are held to a higher standard because they have a more public role in modeling holiness to God. (Levitcus 21:22)

• God wants our best time, talent and resources. (Levitcus 22:19-25)

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