Friday, April 30, 2010

Lessons to Learn from the Israelites

The Israelites were God's chosen people.  He viewed them not only as a holy nation, but also as a treasured possession.  However, this distinction by God did not immune the Israelites from making mistakes. 

A brief review of the book of Exodus revealed the following lessons Christians today can learn from the Israelites:
  • Do not forget to fear the Lord;
  • Do not forget to trust God;
  • Remember that God hears you when you cry out to Him and when you seek His help;
  • God will always provide for your necessities, both in quantity (there is always enough) and quality (God's provision often surpasses our expectations) (Exodus 15:25-27,16:4-5,18, 21-22);
  • Our concerns and problems should always turn us to God in prayer instead of grumbling and complaining (Exodus 15:24);
  • Respect the leader that God has placed in authority over you and pray for them instead of complaining against them (Exodus 16:2, 17:2);
  • Do not wish for times that have past because to do so is not to live life to its fullest and to focus on the task that God have give you to do now (Exodus 16:3);
  • The Sabbath is very important to God, and we should go to great lengths to keep it holy (Exodus 16:23, 29-30);
  • Do not doubt God's promises to provide for you (Exodus 16:19-20);
  • Bring your problems to God in prayer (Exodus 15:25, 17:4);
  • Remember what God has done for you in answering your prayers and providing for your needs (Exodus 17:15-16);
  • Tell others what God has done for you because it will bring them delight (Exodus 18:8-9);
  • Be willing to listen to the wise counsel of your elders (Exodus 18:17-26);
  • Do not worship the idols of this world, but remove them from your homes and your communities (Exodus 23:24);
  • Remember that the people you associate with will affect you spiritually, either positively or negatively, and you should be on guard to keep sin out of your life (Exodus 23:32-33).
Exodus as well as the rest of the Bible provides us with ample lessons to learn from other's mistakes.  Therefore, it is our duty to read the Bible faithfully and apply these lessons to our lives. 

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