Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Wonderful Name of Jesus

The following are my notes from listening to Greg Laurie's December 25, 2009, sermon entitled "The Wonderful Name of Jesus".

Names tell us who we are, and they identify us. People will have a certain perception of us based on our name. In Biblical times names meant something, and they revealed something about the person, such as their personality traits.  Today names are given based on trends, whims and what sounds good.

Jesus is a name above all names.  In Isaiah 9:6 several of Jesus' names are identified, and each title gives insight about Jesus, His character and what He can do in a person's life.
  • "Wonderful" - Jesus takes care of the boredom and emptyness of life.  The more you know of the Lord, the more in awe that you will become of Him.  God causes us to be amazed, in awe, surprised, astonished and bewildered by His character, nature and actions.
  • "Counselor" - Jesus cares about the details of your life.  He wants to give you personal counsel and direction which He will accomplish primarily through the Bible.  The problem that occurs often is that people will look for answers to their problems in all the wrong places (i.e. anywhere and anyone other than Christ).
  • "Mighty God" - Jesus can take care of the demands of your life.  Jesus has all the power you need to be the person He wants you to be because His power is without limit.  We lack self-control, the power to control ourselves, but Jesus can give us the power to live a Christian life.
  • "Everlasting Father" - Jesus will take care of your future.  What you do with Jesus will determine where you will spend eternity.
  • "Prince of Peace" - Jesus will take care of the disturbances of life.  There is peace on earth among men who are pleasing God.  Lack of peace occurs when we disregard God's Word and His Will.
  • "Government of His Shoulders" - Jesus will come back to earth to establish His kingdom.  Before Jesus could bear the government on His shoulders, He had to bear the cross for our sins.
Also, Isaiah 9:6 reveals man's persceptive and God's perspective of Christmas.  "For to us a child is born" is man's perspective - Jesus' arrival on earth by being born as a child.  "To us a son is given" is God's perspective - Christmas marks the departure of God's only Son from Heaven to come to earth to provide the ultimate gift for all humanity.  It is important to remember that Christmas is more about God's gift to us than our gifts to others.

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