Saturday, September 05, 2009

Seeing the Connection

O. S. Hawkins in The Art of Connecting states that every person has three connections: a connection with God, a connection with self and a connection with others.  He went on to say, "We will never be properly related to others until we are properly related to ourselves and we will never be properly related to ourselves until we are properly related to God."

The Eternal Connection
God wants to have a relationship with man like no other creation.  Only when we connect with God are we able to do the work He created us for.  Without God's help we are not able to connect anything of any value. (John 15:4-5)

Philemon 3 reveals three ways we relate to our eternal connection:  as our Heavenly Father who loves and supports us His children; as our Lord who has authority over us and we are His servants; and as Christ who died for our sins.

Internal Connection

A positive self-image will occur when we are relating to God wholeheartedly and love Him so much that we are willing to give up anything for Him, including our identity.  We willing identify ourselves as His children and servants.  When you get to this point, you no longer need the things of this world or its approval to build up your self-esteem because you now realize and accept that God's opinion of you and your life is the only one that matters.  You will begin to connect with yourself in a proper manner when you see yourself as God sees you:  precious, dearly loved, a one of a kind masterpiece.

External Connection
Philemon 1 and 2 shows how we connect with others: as family, as friends and as fellow soliders.  In each of these ways, there is a sense of community and camaraderie.  In order to maintain that fellowship we should refrain from any action that destorys others and our connection with them, such as judging, criticism and slander.  As Christians, we should seek to build each other up, be encouragers and support others in any way possible.  We should be the personification of godly love.

Unfortunately, we do not always connect with others and God as we should.  Our failure to connect properly reveals our weaknesses and flaws.  Failing to see yourself as a servant of God may be a symptom of a problem with pride.  Your tendency to put down others reveal your insecurities and poor self-esteem.  The world would have you believe that you cannot change, and if you are an untrusting, critical person that is what you will always be, but that is a lie. 

What needs to happen is to ask the Holy Spirit reveal areas in your relationship with God and with others that you need to work on.   If you ask, He will show you what you need to know.  Next, take responsibility for your actions and ask God for forgiveness for any sins.  Begin to work on your relationship with Him which will require time, sacrifice, committment and energy.  You will never finish this step; it will be a live long process because this one relationship will effect everything else, how you relate to yourself and to others. 

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