Saturday, January 17, 2009

Miracle on the Hudson

On Thursday, January 15, 2009, an airline full of passengers made an emergency crash landing in the Hudson River after losing both engines due to being hit by a flock of Canadian geese shortly after takeoff. The miracle in all this is all aboard the aircraft survived.

Since that time there has been widespread media coverage delinating all the things that went right. Many questions have been asked from how did the impact feel when the aircraft touched down on the river to how often does bird-airplane collosions occur.

Despite the numerous questions that have been asked and answered about this event, I still have a few questions of my own that I have been pondering, namely:

How many prayers were said by those on the plane from the time they learned of a problem until they were on one of the commuter ferries that came to their rescue?

As the airplane crew reacted to the lose of the jet engines, were they also praying without ceasing?

How many unredeemed sinners were on board that plane? And did they realize how close they came to eternal damnation? Did any of them ask Jesus to come into their lives before crash landing?

How many backslidden believers were on board that plane? And did they take what they thought may be their last moments on this earth to turn back to God and seek forgiveness? Are they now living their lives in line with God's will for them?

How many believers had an inner peace that only comes from God because they knew without a doubt that if their lives ended in the minutes to come, they would be only minutes away from being in Jesus' presence, looking into His loving eyes and holding His nail-scarred hands?

How many of those involved in the crash and the rescue efforts praised God and thanked Him for the wonderful outcome?

How many people who survived the crash have told or will tell others about how God protected them that day?

I am never know the answers to these questions, but what I do know is this. God was always in control of that airplane and the lives of its passengers. He had a purpose for what happened.

Many miracles occured on January 15, 2009, but the one that happened in New York's Hudson River garnered the most attention. Many have acknowledged that what happened with the airplane and its passengers was a miracle, but I wonder how many acknowledge the One who is responsible for that miracle and all the other miracles that occur each and every day that we too often overlook.



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