Saturday, July 14, 2007

One Nation Under God

"The LORD blesses each nation that worships only him. He blesses his chosen ones." Psalm 33:12 (CEV)

The United States of America was founded by God fearing men and women. Freedom was of the upmost importance to them, particularly religious freedom. They were indeed a nation under God -- worshipping Him alone. As a result, God blessed our Founding Fathers in innumerable ways.

I believe that the blessings and favor that God continues to show our nation is in part because of the faithfulness of our Founding Fathers. The reality is present day Americans do not possess the devotion to our Heavenly Father like our ancestors did. We have permitted sins to become legal and socially acceptable. We, as a nation, have sat by and watched the removal of prayer from schools and plaques with the Ten Commandments on them removed from Courthouses. Our Senate recently permitted a Hindu priest to say a prayer before the Senate began their business of the day. These are things that will not go unpunished by God.

What can we do to restore our nation's relationship with God?
  • pray for a revival in your heart and in the heart of each and every Christian in our country;

  • teach your children about the importance of the faith of our Founding Fathers;

  • read with your children speeches and prayer of our current and past Presidents and other leaders to learn about their faith in God;

  • pray for our nation's leaders, even the ones whose political positions varies from yours, that they may make decisions for our country that will be pleasing to God;

  • pray that God will call godly men and women to run for elected offices throughout our country and that these Christian men and women will respond to God's calling;

  • pray for elections that may be coming up and Christian men and women will be elected;

  • support Christian men and women who are running for elected office by giving your time and money;

  • vote in all elections and before the elections learn about the candidates running for offices and their positions on the issues so that with God's help you can make the right choices;

  • talk to your children about the importance of elections in our country and the privilege of voting;

  • make history personally through genealogy research of your family tree. With your children learn about your ancestor who made sacrifices for the formation of our nation and in wars to preserve freedom;

  • remain faithful to God and stand up for Him against those who want our country to abandon God. Seek God's wisdom on how He wants you to respond in a Christ-like manner;

  • do not take the freedoms that we have in the U. S. for granted, particularly religious freedom. Read your Bible every day, worship with fellow believers every chance you get and tell others what God has done for you --- these are all activities which are strictly forbidden in countries around the world and people who dare to profess that they are a Christian risk persecution, bodily harm and even death.



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