Friday, November 04, 2011

Everyday Miracles

perfectly imperfect
Photo Credit:  Bui Linh Ngan (linh.ngan) ~ Creative Commons

He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted. Job 5:9

Everything in life is a miracle. Every sunrise, sunset, smile, laugh, relationship, heartbeat, breath, each person, every human ability, every answered prayer.  They are all miracles and gifts from God. Life itself is a miracle.

Quit looking for the big, earth-shattering miracles. Focus on all of the small miracles around you each day.  

When the small miracles are added together, the result is the greatest miracle of all -- your life.

Slow down and experience life by appreciate all of the many blessings in your life and remember to give God the glory and praise that He deserves.
"To be alive, to be able to see, to walk.... it's all a miracle." Arthur Rubinstein
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  1. So very true! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from SS.

    Jocelyn @

  2. Thank you for posting..there really are miracles around us every day!

  3. You are right! I was thinking today how a visit from a grandbaby brings such joy and peace to a home. That is a miracle.

  4. I whole heartedly agree. Life is a miracle. I thank God for all the miracles in my life both great and small but most of all for the miracle of life.

  5. Big and small, the miracles impact and make me into who I am in Christ. When I think about it I just wish everyone would accept the gift of God and experience the miracle of joy and love He gives.

  6. It's all a miracle. I so agree! That's kind of what I was trying to express in my post today about grace in the details, but you do a much better job saying it here. :-)

  7. What a great reminder to recognize the small miracles while we wait for the larger ones. Thank you for sharing.

  8. That's probably why we're supposed to be thankful in all things.

    I can remember as a child just marveling that I could see out of those two globes in me head! May we recapture that wonder of all the things great and small God has done.




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